Katrina & Kenji | North Vancouver Wedding

A couple who plays together, stays together. Luckily, North Vancouver offers plenty in the way of playgrounds, from mountains to rivers to forests to the sea; a fact that Katrina and Kenji have spent their lives taking advantage of, so theirs should be a long and happy union.

Their initial meeting, however, came from a bit of an unusual (though very modern) place. Katrina put it best, “It’s a match! Kenji and I met on Tinder… which was unexpected for both of us. Right from the start, the conversation was easy and genuine. Despite my conviction that I wouldn’t talk to, let alone meet up with anyone off of Tinder, I actually ended up being the one asking him out for coffee. We first met in person a couple days prior to our first planned ‘date’. We (…well maybe more ‘I’) talked for hours on that first date and we saw each other almost every day that first week!” Continue reading Katrina & Kenji | North Vancouver Wedding

Fighting Slavery in Thailand’s Fishing Industry | Andrey Sawchenko

We spend a lot of time caught-up in our own lives. Wrapped up in the dramas, big and small, that revolve around us and our nuclear worlds. Every so often, the opportunity arises to step out of our own little realities and into something bigger, into the lives of people experiencing challenges on a level we previously could not imagine. This is the kind of opportunity International Justice Mission (IJM) presented Andrey. The acceptance of this opportunity is what led Andrey to pack up his education in law along with his material possessions and leave his home in Canada for one on the other side of the globe. Continue reading Fighting Slavery in Thailand’s Fishing Industry | Andrey Sawchenko

Russell & Savannah | West Vancouver Elopement

Not every couple has what it takes to execute an essentials only West Vancouver elopement. It is all too easy to fall down the rabbit hole of cascading guest lists, glittering decor, extravagant entrances, and all the other minutia making up a wedding ceremony. Russell and Savannah, however, expertly avoided such a trap, kept both feet firmly on the ground, and enjoyed an elopement day as spectacular for its simplicity as any royal wedding is grand for its excess. Continue reading Russell & Savannah | West Vancouver Elopement

Andy & Julia | Lake Moraine Engagement Shoot

Hop on the Trans-Canada Highway toward Banff National Park, say a quick hello to tiny Lake Louise Village, wind your way up to 1,885 meters, fill your lungs with fresh Rocky Mountain air, admire the twenty dollar view. This is the experience Andy and Julia booked a last minute flight all the way from Houston for. This is the view photographers Abby and Dave left Calgary at the ungodly hour of 4:45 am for, with Andy, Julia, and their photography mentoree, me, all in tow. Partially because we’re all thoroughly dedicated to their craft, partially because Andy and Julia are not a pair to shy away from an adventure, and, of course, partially because the aforementioned twenty dollar view is much closer to what most would consider a million dollar view. Lake Moraine, a glistening glacier fed lake sequestered away in Banff National Park’s Valley of the Ten Peaks, comprises the view in question and is well known as the landscape depicted on Canadian twenty dollar bills issued during the 70’s; hence the misleading nickname. Continue reading Andy & Julia | Lake Moraine Engagement Shoot

Abraham & Fiona | SFU Diamond Alumni Centre Wedding

A groom kisses his bride on the forehead on their wedding day by Clint Bargen Photography. From the beginning, Fiona and Abraham were a nice match on paper. Both young, both committed in their faith, both ambitious enough to lead a Christian Fellowship study for peers at the same university (Simon Fraser aka SFU). Sometimes, however, it takes a shot of spice to coax the spark between two halves of a match into the full-on fire of love. For Fiona and Abraham, that little bit of spice came in the form of dance. “Fiona mentioned that she wanted to take a dance class, and I mentioned that I had taken a Salsa class at SFU,” Abraham recalled. “So, I volunteered to go with her.” Continue reading Abraham & Fiona | SFU Diamond Alumni Centre Wedding