Bayly & Dustin | Covert Farms Wedding

A bride and groom pose in front of mountains near Oliver, BC A bride and groom post with Clint Bargen at Covert Farms Family Estate by Clint Bargen Photography. Hoots and hollers bounce off the walls, forcefully aimed projectiles whiz past faces and outstretched limbs, pungent sweat slides down temples and soaks through shirts, and love is in the air; your typical casual-yet-structured dodgeball scene. That is, it was the typical dodgeball scene for Bayly and Dustin in the earliest days of their relationship. Bayly spotted Dustin from across the court and boldly proclaimed, “That guy that looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt is pretty cute.” The first seeds of love had been planted. These seeds were nurtured throughout the season by teasing from Bayly’s teammates every time her JGL-lookalike “boyfriend” appeared on the scene. And it seems Bayly, who makes up for her lack of dodgeball skills with beautiful blonde locks and a glimmering nose ring, had also caught Dustin’s eye. Continue reading Bayly & Dustin | Covert Farms Wedding

Shay & Mike | Riverway Golf Course Wedding

A portrait of a bride and groom embracing on their wedding day Sometimes high school friends keep in touch for a few years from distant universities, sometimes they quickly drift apart, only coincidentally bumping into one another while visiting family for the holidays, and, sometimes, high school friends strike up a decade-long romance that carries them into a joyous wedding day and beyond.
Such is the case with Shay (Richel) and Mike. Continue reading Shay & Mike | Riverway Golf Course Wedding

Britt & Grant | Row Boat Engagement Photos

My friend Katrina came to me with the idea to do a “Notebook Inspired” shoot and asked if I knew any couples that might be interested. Luckily Britt and Grant were kind enough to play along and the results were fantastic! They couldn’t have been more chill or easy to work with! The word of the day quickly became “smolder” as I asked Grant to channel his inner Ryan Gosling in a lot of the different shots. He took everything with such a great attitude and nailed that smoldering look each time. In the end though, I really have to hand it to Katrina, she pulled out all the stops including a vintage rowboat and a host of amazing vendors! If you or anyone you know are looking for a wedding planner, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with her! Continue reading Britt & Grant | Row Boat Engagement Photos

Alex & Matt | Pipe Shop Wedding

Framed by a cascade of woven greenery, a bride elegantly silhouetted by the lines of her white dress officially seals the deal with a picture perfect kiss. This is not the way Alex saw things going when she first met Matt. “He was asking a ton of ridiculous questions and all I remember thinking was, ‘Who is this guy?’ He drove me absolutely nuts,” Alex said, describing her first impression of Matt when they were both fresh new faces in the UBC Okanagan dorms. Not long after, Alex started to experience problems with her computer. Matt was nearby, and an engineer, so she asked for a favor. “Naturally, I paid him in food to fix my laptop.” Alex explained. “And as he would fix my laptop, we would chat, eventually leading us to being more than friends.” Continue reading Alex & Matt | Pipe Shop Wedding