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I’ve been immersed in the world of Vancouver wedding photography for over a decade now, and the thing that’s always made me excited to book another wedding or take another photo is the people. That passion started I think mostly thanks to the huge family I had growing up (5 siblings and over 40 cousins); I got my first camera as a kid, and with so many of us running around wreaking havoc there was always something going on to get a picture of! It was from within this vibrant extended family that I photographed my first wedding (at the Western Development Museum for one of my cousins, complete with a steam engine for decoration!), but more importantly it was where I developed a proper appreciation for all the depth and joy people bring to their most intimate relationships. The beauty of family is such an awesome thing to behold – especially for me since the birth of my daughter Lucy in April of 2020 – and there’s something incredibly special about the day when two people choose to make their vows and create a new family of their own. Witnessing that union and celebration was amazing to me, so it only made sense to combine that with my love for photography and dedicate my time towards capturing that connection at its most heightened and beautiful.


Clint Bargen Photographer

It’s All About The People

Though my love for photography and weddings began with my family (a love that has only become more ingrained now that I’ve begun a family of my own), it was the ever-growing circle of connection I found myself working in that really made me realize wedding photography was where I wanted to be. I know, I know, this is meant to be the “about me” section and so far I’ve only talked about family and other people, but I wouldn’t be doing what I do without the love I have for helping people capture those genuine moments of emotion and happiness. It might have started as requests from family and friends, but before I knew it I was getting to meet more amazing people than I ever thought I’d be lucky enough to meet. Not only that, I had the privilege of sharing in these momentous days that were so important to them, and making sure they had photos that captured the essence of their emotional intensity and celebration. Sure, an interesting backdrop, a magnificent piece of décor, or a lovely location can certainly be fun to photograph, but being in a position where it’s my job to help, work with, and get to know so many wonderful couples? That’s truly priceless.

Clint Bargen and his family

Finding My Style

My craft may have evolved since those early days snapping pictures of family life, but I’m still just as fascinated by the glimpses into the joyful and intimate happenings of people that photography can showcase, and just as passionate about capturing them in a single frame. I was inspired by and worked directly with wedding photography legends Robert J Hill and Abbey Plus Dave, whose approaches are so committed and who have both guided and encouraged me in the pursuit of delivering excellent photos as well as top-notch customer experiences. Over the years I’ve worked hard to cultivate a style that can take those candid interactions and emotions that might only last a second, and make sure any snapshot speaks volumes to the meaning of the moment and captures who the couple really are. It’s that un-staged, natural energy that I love focusing on and photographing, whether for a portrait or a behind-the-scenes shot. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you’ve given a couple memories to look back on that they’re completely stoked with, not only because they’re artistically beautiful, but because they’re so authentically them.

Getting The Perfect Shots

Nailing a photo technically is always a thrill, but I get the most joy out of working with couples so that they are what makes the final pictures magical. Yes it’s an exhilarating challenge to balance all the photographer stuff – being present but also in the background, keeping one eye on everything happening and another on the light and the time – but at the end of the day, it’s about helping couples feel comfortable and stress-free, and seeing that shine through in the photo. Many of us find stepping in front of a camera daunting, let alone with a person you’ve only met a handful of times, let alone on a day as big as your wedding day! So it’s as much my job to ease those self-conscious feelings and create a relaxed environment, as it is to choose the right lens or angle. Yes, the world of Vancouver wedding photography is insanely diverse in its available venues and locations, from ocean to mountains to forest to some of the most ridiculously stunning architecture you’ll ever see. But there’s nothing more diverse than the people featured in those photos, and I find that getting to know a couple’s unique story is what really matters. Consequently, my first step is always to organise a meeting and have a chat, so I can ensure I’m doing what it takes to understand the relationship in front of me. If the trust is there, the perfect photos will follow!



“Mike and I are so grateful that we found Clint. We had our engagement shoot with Clint and from there we knew that we definitely needed him for our wedding day. Clint’s friendly and professional personality kept us relaxed and calm while being in front of the camera. He has a spectacular vision and it’s insane to see his vision so perfectly executed in his photos. We are so happy to have these photos to look back on and share with our future children.”

Mike & Shay | Burnaby, BC

“We were lucky enough to be referred to Clint by a friend. What we were most impressed with was the fact that he went above and beyond to really make sure he captured every special moment and made us feel like he was just another close friend at the wedding. I could not have been any happier with the end result. Looking for Vancouver Wedding Photography can be overwhelming, but photos are such an important part of the day and we would recommend Clint to any of our close family and friends in a heartbeat.”

Brandy & Tyler | Pender Island, BC

“Clint made our wedding an incredible experience! He thought of all the details and some shots that hadn’t even crossed my mind. He went out of his way for good angles, including getting up into the trees and laying on the ground dangerously close to Canadian Goose poop. He’s super passionate about what he does which made us excited to work with him and shows in his work. Plus, he’s the kind of guy you would consider a friend by the end of the night.”

Keith & Mattie | Pitt Meadows, BC

“Working with Clint for both our engagement shoot and our wedding was incredible!! His eye for detail and his quick movements make it seem like he’s two (or more) photographers in one. Not only is he an amazing photographer, he is truly a great person. He made us feel comfortable in front of the camera, and more importantly, he assured us our pictures were going to be great. Which they are! His pictures took our breath away!”

Tom & Leena | Pitt Meadows, BC

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