Jamie and Katie’s special day was warm, intimate, and had a sense of familiarity to it. Their smiles and laughter filled up every corner of their Brix and Mortar wedding venue, leaving everyone around them to feel the same way, including me. For the first time in two years, we’re starting to feel what it’s like to have a real wedding again, just like the way it used to be before all the COVID restrictions happened. 

It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of yet another big event in Katie’s family as their Vancouver wedding photographer. I captured Katie’s sister’s wedding in 2019 up in Pemberton, BC. So doing this the second time for them, now with a Brix and Mortar wedding, felt like reuniting with an old friend. Moreso, the couples sharing their story with me was really special. Somehow, despite their contrasting personalities, these two were such a perfect match for each other. Jamie being loud and bold while Katie being the sweet and nice girl that she is, complemented each other. They definitely came a long way from just two people meeting on Tinder. Jamie also joyfully shared the memorable story of their first date way back in October 2017 where a nervous Katie stepped on his foot while saying goodbye. Somehow, Jamie found that endearing, and the rest is history. Now, they’re here sharing the Yaletown wedding of their dreams. 

The venue for this remarkable day of Jamie and Katie could not have been more perfect for them. For a Yaletown wedding, Brix and Mortar restaurant is an easy favourite in Vancouver. This trendy restaurant has an outdoor patio that is illuminated by seven-tier glass chandeliers that make it romantic and cozy at the same time. The entire place makes it so much easier for a Vancouver wedding photographer like me, to capture the candid moments of their special day. 

Considering how fun and filled with joy the moments I was able to capture on their special day, it was clear that Jamie and Katie’s Brix and Mortar wedding is just the beginning of an amazing life together!



2nd Photographer: Jon Thorpe
Venue: Brix and Mortar
Florist: Stongs Market – Northwoods
Hair Artistry:  Ally Thorpe
Makeup Artistry:  Laurel at ML Makeup
Wedding Dress: The Bridal Gallery
Band/DJ: DJ Sammy FX

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