I know I say this about a lot of the places that the awesome couples I get to photograph choose as their venues, but Dan and Krista seriously knew what was up when they planned their Winding Willow Farm wedding. Timeless, charming, rustic; I feel like I could use all the adjectives and it still wouldn’t properly describe how beautiful the Winding Will Farm acreage was. Kudos to Dan and Krista too, who knew exactly what touches to add without going overboard to show off the stunning old chapel ceremony space, and the unique barn that saw sparks flying during their reception – literally!

Given the fact that the Winding Willow Farm only takes a few weddings a year, it made every moment all the more special – something Dan and Krista very much feel about the time they get to spend together, especially when work sometimes means having to spend time apart. They originally met while working as jump crew at the Thunderbird Show Park in 2015, and have since subbed out the horse family for one consisting of two Sphynx cats (Raisin and Mouse), but nothing in the last two and a half years has changed the ease of their relationship and how much they love spending their time together.

That love for and fun in each other’s company shone through every second of the day and was such a joy to capture. From the red cups and infectious laughter, to the touching moments of congratulation and celebration, it was almost impossible to get a picture that didn’t have someone grinning or tearing up from happiness… Aside from Raisin and Mouse of course, who played it chill like the cool cats they are (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).

I can’t thank Dan and Krista enough for their kindness, and for giving me the chance to experience not only their special day, but just a generally special day in such a special place. I’m positive their Winding Willow Farm wedding speaks volumes for the love in all the times past, and all the great times to come!


2nd Photographer: Arnold Limantono
Venue: Winding Willow Farm
Wedding Coordinator: Corrine at Encore Events
Florist: Wild Ivy Designs
Hair & Makeup Artist: Faye Smith Agency
Dress: Champagne And Lace
Cake Artist: Soirette
Officiant: Laura Bee
Catering: Sugar Mountain Catering

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