To be blessed with the opportunity to capture the beautiful culture and vibrant colours of Harman and Iqbal’s Vancouver Sikh wedding was an honour. This event was originally planned to span over two days with hundreds of guests, but due to COVID restrictions, it was split into several smaller events. Despite the change in plans, Harman and Iqbal’s wedding will forever remain as one of the most magnificent ceremonies I have had the pleasure to photograph.

The more that I got to know the bride and groom, I began to develop an appreciation of the eternal love that they share with each other. Couples that have grown up together often exhibit a deeper connection than most, and this was certainly the case with Harman and Iqbal. After meeting in kindergarten and attending the same elementary school Iqbal had developed quite the crush on Harman, thanks to his delightful charm. It wasn’t until the eighth grade that they first started dating, even though this mostly revolved around chatting on MSN!

Harman and Iqbal quickly became best friends, experiencing both highs and lows together – there was even a brief period in which they stopped talking with one another. They both look back at this period as a time of self-reflection and growing up. Since rekindling their relationship during their first year of university they have been completely inseparable. I could clearly see the affection between the two alongside their shared sense of humour, demonstrating how similar Harman and Iqbal are and how they truly belong together. 

The venue for these events was utterly breath-taking. An exquisite Sikh temple which further immersed the ceremony in the incredibly beautiful Sikh culture. From the elegant drapery to the magnificently garbed mare, this truly was an event of splendour. Despite all the vibrant and exciting décor, not once was the attention shifted from Harman and Iqbal and the affectionate energy that resonated between them.   

It was incredibly moving to witness the amount of joy and happiness at Harman and Iqbal’s Surrey Sikh wedding. I was fortunate enough to witness and photograph an array of traditional Sikh prayers, singing, and dancing that I shall never forget. I genuinely believe that Harman and Iqbal were destined to be with each other, and I hope these events were a true reflection of their new lives together.



Venue: Akali Singh Sikh Society
Decor: Charming Affair
Videography: Vidaer Studios
Iqbal’s Tent, Floor & Bar: Save On Tents & Party Rentals
Iqbal’s Pre Wedding Event Hair & Makeup: Princess Studio 
Iqbal’s Wedding Week Jewelry: Gehna Jewellery
Iqbal’s Week Outfits: Frontier Cloth House
Iqbal’s Wedding Day Outfit: Sunny’s Bridal
Iqbal’s Wedding Day Henna: 604 Mehndi by Farhath
Iqbal’s Wedding Day Hair & Makeup: Pink Orchid Studio
Wedding Day Signage: Digitally Tailored

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