Britt & Grant’s Vancouver Golf Club Wedding | April 7th, 2018

A huge part of what I do as a wedding photographer is capturing the joy and laughter of couple and their family and friends. Which is exactly what happened at Britt and Grant’s wedding when they celebrated at the Vancouver Golf Club. I enjoyed seeing how much love there was from their loved ones. They both had such a friendly and incredible group of people surrounding them from the time they got ready for their “I do” moment to the final dance.

The day, April 7, went by so smoothly. It is pretty hard to feel any nerves when there’s so much love and laughter all round! Having a brilliant wedding coordinator like Tracey from Cinderella Slip Ons sure made everything run like a well-oiled machine. What an amazing job! A BIG thank you to you, Tracey if you’re reading this. Britt and Grant’s wedding was a success and a blast.

On my side, I had immense help from my assistant Katelyn Cooper – here’s a shout out to you, Katelyn! We all had such fun with the portrait photos for Britt and Grant with their family and friends. The bridesmaids and groomsmen looked incredibly gorgeous, not only in their great outfits but they brought their sense of humor along for the ride. The men looked dapper in their grey suits and brown leather shoes. If you think this made it very serious, not at all. They had umbrellas with them, which made sure we got cool shots that added playfulness and good cheer. It made me think that when life gives you rain, you can still make the best of it as long as you’ve got these kinds of friends by your side!

For the grand finale at the Vancouver Golf Club, love was everywhere. Quite literally. It was spelled out on menus, witty boards, which all guests enjoyed thoroughly. After all, it is impossible not to see the love that Britt and Grant have for each other. As he led her to the dance floor and made her queen twirl in her beautiful wedding dress designed by Stella York, all eyes were on them. Of course, I had my lens on them too to capture that special moment and more!

Wedding Coordinator: Tracey from Cinderella Slip-Ons
Florist: Port Moody Flowers
Hair Artist: Lynnea Board of RebelLuxe Hair
Make Up Artist: Catherina Kovacs
Cake Artist: Crystal Reddy of Reddy Made Cakes
Glazed Donuts: Cartems Donuts
Wedding Dress: Lisas Bridal Salon (designed by Stella York)
Limousine: Enchanted Limousine
Band/DJ: Craig Robinson

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