*Important Note: This wedding was held on Oct 24th, 2020 when weddings were still allowed to be a max of 50 guests.*

It’s safe to say that 2020 may not have been everybody’s best year, but COVID certainly did not prevent Cody and Laura from tying the knot in their beautiful Riverway Clubhouse Wedding. Although the number of guests were limited due to restrictions, it did not take away from the magnificence of this riverside ceremony. Everybody in attendance was in the best of spirits, a true reflection of the happiness and harmony felt throughout the entire day.

The more I got to know Cody and Laura, the more I could see how perfect they are for each other. They share the same interests, passions, and past times – with their ideal Friday night consisting of pizza, video games, and movies! After meeting on Tinder five years ago and both being extremely tired of online dating, their unusual and wild first date was enough to make them realize they were meant to be together.

The venue of Cody and Laura’s wedding was nothing short of spectacular. The picturesque blue skies reflected and shimmered across the river as the bride and groom came together under the simple yet elegant arch. Despite the scenic surroundings, all eyes were on Cody and Laura as their love echoed across the water and bloomed into their new life as one.

Despite all the pandemic limitations, this Riverway Clubhouse wedding was certainly one to remember. From the video game memorabilia to the portrait live painting of the bride and groom gifted by the amazing Vinelli from Power of Threee Wedding Planning, this event was clearly incredibly personal and special to both Cody and Laura. I wish you the best of luck in your new life together, and I am certain you will make many more memories as special as this one.

2nd Photographer: Jon Thorpe
Wedding Coordinator: Power of Threee
Florist: Fleurtation Flowers
Hair & Makeup Artistry: The Lovely Artistry
Wedding Dress: Isabelle’s Bridal
Wedding Commissioner: Victoria Lyon
Band/DJ: DJ Euno Bowz

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