Vintage Prairie Wedding | Natahna & Sam

For all the weddings, brides and grooms I have come to be apart of and know, there is no wedding as near and dear as that of Natahna and Sam, married September 4th, 2016. This was the BIG wedding, a wedding very well designed but also as unique as the bride and groom.

Natahna, my sister, has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Her wedding day was a true labour of love. Almost every part was a do-it-yourself craft, which entailed countless hours and effort by nearly everybody who attended. Getting ready at our parents home just outside of North Battleford, SK, Natahna’s vintage-inspired gown came from the gorgeous boutique BHLDN. Amazingly, her wedding party consisted of thirteen stunning women, whom made up what Natahna lovingly referred to as “her tribe”, rather than a bridal party. Each woman chose her own dress; there were differing styles and colours; but together they made up what can only be described as a Greek chorus. To top off their looks, they added metallic coloured flash tattoos as accessories on their skin and opted for bouquets of laurels, rather than traditional flowers. Natahna opted to create her own flower crown, which she wore the entire day. Before the ceremony, she also presented gifts, along with personalized ‘thank you’ cards, to each woman in the tribe.



Sam’s wedding jacket came from Simons. His tie, along with the thirteen groomsmen, was purchased from the Etsy shop W Vintage Vibe. A rabbit pinned to his lapel served as the finishing touch for the attire. In the hours before he officially became my brother-in-law, Sam sat with his groomsmen, played a few songs on the guitar and shared laughter and good times, waiting in anticipation to become Ms. and Mr. Lema.

Their ceremony and reception took place at a private farm in the community of Glenbush, SK. Our father and some friends built the stage where Natahna and Sam exchanged vows. For decor, strings of various coloured laces and fabrics were tied in elegant knots, lining the bushes around the ceremony site. Despite the cold and chilly weather, guests were able to keep warm by grabbing one of the provided blankets. Hay bales served as benches for 150 or so who braved the wind. Generally, Natahna and Sam are a happy and high-spirited couple with an incredibly positive outlook on life. Their infectious attitude brought joy to the day, ensuring that this outdoor wedding was a great affair. To keep the smiles and laughter warm, they had three grand bonfires lit during the reception, and invited guests to share a bite or a drink around one.

At the reception, guests were served charcuterie from the Italian Centre Shop, located in Edmonton, Alberta. There were also homemade gluten free brownies and cookies for dessert. The beer was from Prairie Sun Brewery from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They had custom desserts in the form of “date” bars, with “you’re the one that I want” and “be my everything” written across them. Natahna and Sam built tables from wooden pallets, and placed seating pillows around them for guests to sit and enjoy. They had not one, but six bands perform throughout the night: Greg and Igna Sample, Tim Sample and Emily Hopkins, The Whelans, Jesse Switzer, Joey Povey, Eric Sample & Friends, Mamma Lori & The Aunties and last but not least, The Kinns. It was an amazing atmosphere to be surrounded by close family and friends. The whole vibe was less like a traditional flower toss reception and much of a mini music festival. Where else could you see a sporadic dance party break out to a Johnny Cash song? As we bundled together under knitted blankets with good beer and some homemade desserts in hand the one song that finished the night off perfectly was “Lean on Me”. Since it was such a cold day, coming together not only warmed our cold bodies but also our old souls!

Natahna and Sam, may your lives be filled with endless adventure and joy, surrounded by only love and adoration!