Project Description

North Vancouver Forest Wedding | Katrina & Kenji

A couple who plays together stays together. Luckily, North Vancouver offers plenty in the way of playgrounds, from mountains to rivers to forests to the sea; a fact that Katrina and Kenji have spent their lives taking advantage of, so theirs should be a long and happy union.

Their initial meeting, however, came from a bit of an unusual (though very modern) place. Katrina put it best, “It’s a match! Kenji and I met on Tinder… which was unexpected for both of us. Right from the start, the conversation was easy and genuine. Despite my conviction that I wouldn’t talk to, let alone meet up with anyone off of Tinder, I actually ended up being the one asking him out for coffee. We first met in person a couple days prior to our first planned ‘date’. We (…well maybe more ‘I’) talked for hours on that first date and we saw each other almost every day that first week!”