Manning Park Wedding | Becky & Markus

I can definitely say that even in the most challenging times, every love story has a silver lining. Becky and Markus are an awesome couple whom I really had the pleasure of getting to know during the pandemic. Despite all the COVID restrictions, they tied the knot in an intimate and memorable affair. Because Becky is from England, her parents were visiting and eventually were stuck here since the lockdown, but that was a blessing in disguise! They had the pleasure of helping with the planning and were fortunate enough to be there for Becky and Markus’ Manning Park wedding.


When it comes to their special day, honestly, they couldn’t have picked a better location! Lighting Lake at the Manning Park wedding venue is nestled in the Cascade Mountains, with stunning landscapes all around. And when I say stunning, I mean out-of-this-world epic scenery! It is a haven for many modern romantic couples that wish to feel the magic of untamed nature. No matter the season, Manning park will provide an awesome backdrop while you exchange your vows.

Becky and Markus tied the knot near the lake in a gorgeous misty atmosphere surrounded by their families. The rolling mountains and forests completed their ceremony setting beautifully, with the perfect amount of mysticism. I was able to capture ethereal shots of this iconic moment, but what I really enjoyed was their portrait session! The Manning Park wedding venue has so many amenities and activities that can level up your whole portraiture. Becky and Markus opted for canoeing across the lake, which felt almost surreal. The smoky ambiance enveloped them while they paddled and explored the beauty all around, reveling in the newlywed feel – a perfect way to start their next chapter in life!