Black Rock Oceanfront Resort Wedding | Tanner & Kirstyn

Vancouver Island’s breathtaking nature and easygoing vibe never cease to amaze me. It’s a fantastic location for adventurous couples like Tanner and Kirstyn to be married and celebrate their love. One of the best spots is the town of Ucluelet, home to many idyllic sites – perfect for weddings and home to incredible natural beauty! Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a stunning Black Rock Oceanfront Resort wedding in Ucluelet, and it was maybe my favourite wedding of the year?!


This charming pair first connected online in 2014, after Kirstyn had relocated for university. Tanner asked her out on a date after one of her lessons, and she agreed eagerly, beginning the journey with a dinner together. They spent the entire night chatting late into the night and haven’t stopped chatting ever since!

Tanner and Kirstyn say they couldn’t be more different from one other, yet they consider themselves to be the same person. Their extroversion and introversion wonderfully complement one another. Tanner helps Kirstyn come out of her shell and encourages her to do new things, and Kirstyn keeps Tanner in check in just the right amount.

Their genuine happiness and love for one another shone through in their first look at their Black Rock Oceanfront Resort wedding! As a Tofino wedding photographer, I loved capturing this special moment. I also loved the fact that they made me feel so welcome and at ease, and I stayed up late partying with the newlyweds and their loved ones! As the 2022 wedding season came to a close, this was truly an iconic and perfect way to round off a fantastic year and I’m already looking forward to next season’s adventures. If you want to join me for my next adventure, get in touch!