While Vancouver’s natural landscapes are often a go-to for engaged and married couples as backdrops for their photoshoots, I wanted to highlight just a few of my favourite Man-Made Vancouver Wedding Locations that can bring a totally different (and totally rocking) vibe to any picture. So let’s jump straight in!

Lonsdale Quay
I love this location inside and out – from the beautiful views of the water and Vancouver’s skyline to the historic “Q” that rises up out of the dock. It’s all great! This area has changed so much even in the few years that I have lived nearby. Lonsdale Quay is constantly getting better restaurants, breweries, coffee shops and shops! It’s not hard to see why, given the central location and beautiful views. Not to mention you have two great wedding venues (The Pipe Shop & Pinnacle at the Pier) right there! It’s a one-stop shop.

Fun Alley
For the more animated among us, you can’t look past Fun Alley. The walls are bursting with color and give a super fun (I mean, it’s in the name!), creative feel to photos. It is a very popular installation for pictures, so you’d need to do some scouting for the best time, but the vibrancy it’ll add to your engagement or wedding memories will be well worth it. Located a short walk from the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, it’s a great spot and very central to a lot of great things.

New Westminster Quay
Rain or shine this is an intensely photogenic location, with it’s scenic boardwalk, quaint boat life and impeccable gardens. And aside from the structures around the river itself, it’s easy to find countless pockets of antique alleys and brick-walled buildings that give any photo a vintage, industrial vibe.

Lions Gate Bridge
Vancouver’s iconic suspension bridge is about as epically man-made as you can get for a photoshoot location and adds a touch of cosmopolitan sophistication and romance. Whether you choose the west-side walk, the east-side walk, or the north side from Stanley Park’s Prospect Point Lookout, you’re sure to get a gorgeous view, but be sure to try and time it for the best lighting. On a clear day, you might even be lucky enough to capture Mount Baker in the distance!

Excessively picturesque, you can’t help but stumble upon photo op after photo op in Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood. Gorgeous Victorian architecture shines around every corner: the six-story heritage Hotel Europe, the cobblestone pathways, industrial brick alleyways, fairy-tale lampposts and Steam Clock to name just a few.

Hopefully, these man-made locations give you some inspiration for your own engagement and wedding photoshoots in Vancouver – with countless wonderful landscape options to choose from, you’re sure to find the one that will make your celebration picture perfect!