Hop on the Trans-Canada Highway toward Banff National Park, say a quick hello to tiny Lake Louise Village, wind your way up to 1,885 meters, fill your lungs with fresh Rocky Mountain air, admire the twenty dollar view. This is the experience Andy and Julia booked a last minute flight all the way from Houston for. This is the view photographers Abby and Dave left Calgary at the ungodly hour of 4:45 am for, with Andy, Julia, and their photography mentoree, me, all in tow. Partially because we’re all thoroughly dedicated to their craft, partially because Andy and Julia are not a pair to shy away from an adventure, and, of course, partially because the aforementioned twenty dollar view is much closer to what most would consider a million dollar view. Lake Moraine, a glistening glacier fed lake sequestered away in Banff National Park’s Valley of the Ten Peaks, comprises the view in question and is well known as the landscape depicted on Canadian twenty dollar bills issued during the 70’s; hence the misleading nickname.

Rugged peaks dusted with snow ring the lake, sturdy pines stand guard while the glassy water throws about dreamy reflections. That is, when the lake isn’t completely frozen over as it is for a good chunk of the year. In fact, the road up to the iconic spot is only accessible late May/early June through October, and the intensity of the lake’s brilliant turquoise fluctuates with differences in glacial melt flowing into it. Luckily, Andy, Julia, and the photo crew caught the place on a satisfactorily intense day, which is to say the lake was practically glowing jolly rancher blue. Perhaps the breathtaking blue of the water also bred some goodwill and neighbourly spirit among fellow lake viewers because, despite the early hour, quite a few others were already drinking in the idyllic scene and all were willing to make enough space for a proper engagement shoot to unfold. A truly ideal setting for a couple looking to capture all the grandeur, tranquility, and romance that goes into a commitment of marriage within just a handful of photographs. The nuances of capturing so much are something Abby and Dave have spent the past eight years exploring, learning, and mastering.The two Calgary photographers know a bit about the power of human connection, having started their successful joint photo venture just three months after meeting. Since then, they have built not only a thriving business, but a healthy relationship, complete with a beloved dog and a wedding of their own. The team has also cultivated a striking style, effortlessly blending the grit of real moments, of deep relationships, with the airy quality of fine art photography. Their photos feel high quality and expertly polished without losing authenticity or becoming homogenized. The duo understands the unique nature of every wedding, and every couple. In their own words, “Every wedding is different, because every person is different. Each relationship carries it’s own experiences that continue to shift and grow, breathing life into each moment.” Such bits of wisdom picked up over the years is part of what makes Abby and Dave not only great photographers and artists, but great teachers as well. Which is a fact that I can attest to after spending some quality time under their wing, so to speak. Always eager to develop my skills further, I snapped up the opportunity to learn from Abby and Dave through their mentorship program. Not only was he able to gain valuable insight from observation and on-the-spot questions, but also from guidance and tips offered while Abby and Dave observed him on the scene of the shoot and, later, a constructive critique of his work. Moving forward, you can expect to find touches of Abby and Dave genius worked into my own unique style and business model. For more information, check out the official website of Abby Plus Dave Photography. Also, anyone with questions about Moraine Lake can probably find what they’re looking for here.

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