It’s not everyday I get to arrive at a venue via Super Skyride, and it was such an exciting
way to travel the 1,610m for the joy of photographing Edwin and Lydia’s Grouse Mountain
wedding. It takes a pretty awesome couple to be surrounded by the magic of the
mountaintops, centuries-old forests and breathtaking alpine peaks and not only stand out,
but steal the show. I feel like the couple’s down-to-earth, open nature was summed up in
how Lydia wore an effortlessly elegant dress she’d found at Bruidshoek (or “Bride Corner”)
in Leiden, The Netherlands, and paired it perfectly with a relaxed white sneaker – plus I
don’t think you could find a happier, more friendly grin than Edwin’s.

I couldn’t get over how awesome and kind Edwin and Lydia were, and everyone in the
whole wedding party had such a spark of fun about them – birds of a feather I guess! I love
sensing the vibe of a group when I photograph a wedding, and you could feel how
everything buzzed with a genuine, playful energy (I am so down for any photoshoot where
lightsabers get thrown into the mix). The rich burgundies and bright yellows Edwin and
Lydia had picked out suited the people and atmosphere to a tee, and the whole day was
brimming with laughter, tenderness, and smiles.

All the personal touches throughout their reception space The Timber Room made
everything even more warm and welcoming, from a personalised newspaper celebrating
them and the day to a very foxy cake topper (it was them as sweet, woodland foxes, so…
“foxy”, get it? Yeah that was bad, sorry).

I can’t thank Edwin and Lydia enough for the privilege of capturing their wedding at Grouse
Mountain, it was such an intimate gathering that I felt very special to be a part of, and I
wish them all the best in the many years to come!


Venue: Grouse Mountain
Hair Artist: Beauty N the Braid
Make-Up Artist: Rose Quartz Beauty
Cake Artist: Cakes n Sweets