Cleveland Dam Wedding | June 15th, 2018

I recently photographed Eimear and Mark’s Cleveland Dam wedding. Looking back, one moment stands out to me as fully capturing this couple and their relationship. For their ceremony, the couple chose to feature “Somewhere Only We Know” by Lily Allen. It was a super fitting choice given their love story:

To set the stage, think of your favorite Rom-Com. Chances are somewhere in that film there is a series of clips where the couple-to-be has fun about town as they get to know one another and start to fall in love. When Eimear told me about her first dates with Mark, this was the exact vision that came to mind. She described meeting for a walk that turned into a meal of butter chicken, shopping, and a trip to the movies. Eimear even said, “it was a full montage of events and I felt like the luckiest girl on the planet!”

Since then, Mark and Eimear have mostly based their relationship on having fun together and in doing so, they have created somewhere only they know. To hear about their relationship, it really sounds like the perfect escape from the mundane details of adult life. They readily admit they prefer to spend their quality time together acting goofy, laughing at themselves, and just plain being “very ridiculous.”

Yet, amongst all the light-heartedness, they also support “each other 100% in our careers and personal development.” Just like any great film, Eimear also says the five years they have spent together have gone by so fast – “it is like we blinked and next thing we were living together with a fur baby cat.”

Eimear and Mark’s wedding day was the culmination of those five fun years together and the start of the next fun chapter in their love story. After a sweet and sincere ceremony at the Cleveland Dam, I was able to steal the couple away for some portraits. It was wonderful to see them in those first married moments, so happy and in love, set against the spectacular views of the Vancouver waterfront.

From the ceremony, guests traveled to the Creekside Community Center (originally built as an Olympic Village site). Eimear and Mark chose the historic and urban-set venue because they absolutely love Vancouver and wanted their guests to see all that the city has to offer. Eimear is from Ireland and some of her family journeyed to Vancouver for the first time to attend the wedding.
Going well beyond just the spirit of international cooperation, the two newly joined families seemed to have a real blast at the reception. The couple also showed off their fun-loving spirit through their eclectic décor (a perfect blend of classic cartoon characters and elegance), yummy candy filled dessert bar, and Instagram photo station (complete with #EIMARK2018).
I have to say, it was just a joy to be a part of capturing this couple’s special day. I also truly hope that their love continues to keep them in that someplace only they know…

Photography Assistant: Katelyn Cooper
Florist: The Beekeeper’s Daughter
Hair Artist: Cleo Howley (family friend)
Make-Up Artist: Ashley Saskiw (family friend)
Band/DJ: Matt Black (family friend)
Caterer: David McMillan from Sugar Mountain Catering
Bridal and Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal and Bliss Bridal

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