Clayburn Village Wedding | Dec 1st, 2018

From school day friends to a wedding reception in a vintage schoolhouse, Jamie and Julian’s Clayburn Village Wedding was simply charming. It was wonderful to capture this couple’s unique wedding and their absolute joy at no longer being high school sweethearts but instead bride and groom. I am excited to share with you their love story and wedding day tale:

Jamie and Julian met when they were a mere 13 years old. The way they tell it they quickly became close friends, but as their relationship developed naturally over time, it was not until Grade 12 that they realized there was much more than friendship. They started to date and build their lives together.

I always enjoy learning about my couples and seeing what makes them fit well together. They both seem to enjoy the simpler things in life. Their favorite times together include camping, coffee dates, and movies at the drive-in theater. Julian even proposed to Jamie during one of their camping trips!

It seems fitting that a couple with such classic date night choices would get married at such a classic venue. Now, admittedly when I think of a classic venue, I might not immediately think of Clayburn Village for a wedding, but its vintage charm does make it an ideal option for any couple looking to celebrate a bit of the past along with their union towards the future. With multiple site options available there, it was also convenient for guests to traverse from the ceremony to reception.

Jamie and Julian’s wedding day had plenty of other classic, vintage charm too. In fact, Jamie wore her grandmother’s vintage wedding dress. It perfectly matched the venue and truthfully looked like it had been made for Jamie. Meanwhile, Julian blended modern and vintage with his navy suit. While the reception was held in the Clayburn Schoolhouse, the ceremony was held in the Clayburn Chapel. It was a perfect fit for Julian and Jamie to celebrate not only their love for one another but their faith as well.

Outside of the venue selection, Julian and Jamie also took a classic approach to wedding planning with plenty of DIY. I also felt this approach fit their whole wedding vibe as it was reminiscent of those days where weddings were simple homespun affairs. Jamie’s makeup and hair was done by a friend. The flowers were assembled by her aunt. While Julian’s mother made the cake. It was wonderful to see this couple start their lives together, with a little help from their close friends and family!