Getting to be a part of Jenni and Mel’s wedding was an absolute pleasure. These two were incredibly kind and it was a joy to see them get married in front of friends, family and at Christ City Church in Vancouver, a church they both attend. I myself have known pastor Brett Landry for years as Christ City Church was planted out of my own church several years ago. What I like about this space was that they took an old church with a lot of heritage and brought a modern touch to the interior. The wood paneling on the walls is a neat way to reflect the history of Christ City but also give it a modern feel.
We started off the day at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, making sure to enjoy the sunshine. Mel patiently waited for Jenni to appear for the first look, and I love his reaction! We then found several great spots around the park that worked well for photos, but my favorite was definitely the backdrop of a beautiful purple tree in bloom (the first photo I posted). Knowing of their faith, I took a moment to ask them to say a prayer for their marriage as they began it together. It was one of my favorite photos from the day!

I asked Jenni to describe how they met and she wrote: “We first met back at a joint church summer camp in 2011. It was a brief encounter and we lost touch after the camp. We crossed paths again in 2014 – Mel was doing his pharmacy residency at VGH where I had just begun working as a dietitian. After many run-ins around the hospital, Mel finally mustered up the courage to ask me out for lunch! After that, whenever we bumped into each other, we had so much to talk about and would want to keep chatting instead of getting back to work! On our first date, we spent nearly 3 hours chatting and lost track of time.” On why they work so well as a couple, she continuted, “Mel and I are very similar in some ways and total opposites in others. I like to think we balance each other out. We both love God, our family and friends, and love to spend our free time with them. We both love food, cooking, and travel, and are always planning our next trip! We challenge each other all the time and neither of us likes to back down (many people say that we are both the most stubborn person they know!).”

After the photos and the ceremony, we made our way to the Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby, BC. It’s tucked away behind some industrial buildings but the building is absolutely fantastic! I’ve done several weddings here over the years and I’m always excited to get to shoot in such a beautiful spot with such great natural light. The golf course itself can be a bit limiting in terms of photo locations, as you have to be aware that it is an operating golf course. Luckily we had taken the time to do some images at Queen Elizabeth Park earlier in the day. Sensing the lack of shade and locations, I suggested we wait until closer to sunset to get some images by the pond, which lead to a few great last minute shots. Always do sunset photos if you can!!!

A huge thanks to the amazing vendor team and friends who supported Jenni and Mel on this date!

Full Vendor List Below

Florist: Pro Line Trading
Cake Artist: _gocake by Charles Go
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Band/DJ:  Vince Lo, Simon Wong, Larry Luk
Hair and Make-Up Artist: Janet Lim Makeup