Picking the venue for a wedding can be one of the hardest choices in the whole process – when I come to photograph a couple, the venue tells me so much about their vibe and how to best capture the love they’re celebrating. Sadly, cost is often a factor that leaves couples compromising on the kind of venue they want – but considering just how wonderful it is when I do see a bride and groom so obviously at home in their venue of choice, I wanted to give a shoutout to some stellar Vancouver venues that I’ve found beautifully showcase couples without breaking the bank for a booking!

1. Golden Eagle Golf Course

The views of the Thompson Mountains and wetlands alone are enough to make the Golden Eagle Golf Course one of my top picks, but I also mention it for the ridiculously affordable packages they offer, including one with Sky Helicopters where you’re flown to the mountain tops of Widgeon Lake for half an hour of pictures. The guys at Golden Eagle are so accommodating and experts at incorporating personal touches into all that the surrounding nature has to offer, and prices range from as little as $500 for an indoor ceremony – but I would highly recommend checking out their amazing range of helicopter, decor, and buffet deals.

2. UBC Boathouse

Aside from the seriously fun novelty of having your wedding on a floating venue, I love how the slightly industrial and impressive features of the UBC Boathouse balance with the serenity of the Fraser River, plus the spectacular views of the North Shore Mountains. And for as little as $1250 for eight hours of hire, choosing it as a venue will not only reflect well in pictures, but on your wallet too!

3. Heritage Hall

For a touch of grandeur, I couldn’t go past Heritage Hall – they provide all kinds of gorgeous furniture, have the flexibility for self-catering and running your own bar if you choose, and venue hire ranging from $450 to $2500. A crazily cost-effective price to pay when you take into account the amount of elaborate, regal detail the space has to offer. 

4. Cleveland Dam

With stunning mountain views and sweeping greenery, the Cleveland Dam Field will set you back less than $100 per day ($92 to be exact). Its capacity is up to 125, and as a ceremony space it makes for a breathtaking backdrop – I love this venue for how expansive it is, for the fact that nature does the decorating for you, and for just how little you spend to have it all!

5. Bloedel Conservatory

What’s really cool about the Bloedel Conservatory is that it offers multiple different spaces (the Banyan Fig, the Bridge, and the Bird Feeders), each with their own style of lush, exotic surroundings. Generally the spaces only accommodate 30 people at a cost of $484 for two hours, but if you’re drawn to its tropical beauty and have a larger wedding party, for an extra $6.15 per person the jaw dropping conservatory dome can house a wedding party of up to 150.

6. UBC Botanical Gardens

Whether you’re after an intimate, picturesque oasis, or something rich and boundless, the UBC Botanical Gardens have unique and exquisite options across the board. Capacity ranges from 25 to 300, and regardless of your choice all the venue spaces herald a terrific amount of green and natural splendour. Depending on the space you choose, you’ll only be set back around $300 to $600 per hour – and the Lawn & Arbour, Reception Centre, and Main Lawn all offer day rates.

I hope this helps some of you brides and grooms on the lookout for Vancouver wedding venues that are easy on the budget, while still tugging at your heartstrings and giving you that wonderful feeling of certainty that you’ve chosen the right place!