Aberthau Mansion is the kind of place you picture in your head when you’re imagining the best of what “home” means: open, inviting, a clear history of care – all words I’d apply to Claire and Isaac’s relationship too, so an obvious winner as a venue for their wedding. It’s amazing when a space can simultaneously feel so sturdy and yet so elegant, and the only thing cooler was seeing how Claire and Isaac knew exactly when to accentuate it with gorgeous garlands and warm touches, and when to let the mansion’s vibrant greenery, incredible scenery, and historical details speak for themselves.
In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I felt Aberthau perfectly reflected Claire and Isaac as a pair – you can read the authenticity and sureness a mile away. It was so charming how, when I asked Claire about the hardest parts of wedding planning, the thing that came to mind was not being able to share the joy of finding a wedding dress with Isaac! And I fully understood why when I witnessed how palpable the spirit of sharing is between them, from the laughs, to the stories, to the toasts and cheers after the ceremony.
I also loved how their guest “book” (encouraging all to sign some beautiful bottles of wine) gave a nod to the important part it played in bringing Claire and Isaac together. Their first ever meeting took place at the wine store Isaac worked at, and luckily for both of them they were willing to gloss over Claire’s self-confessed lack of wine knowledge – in exchange, finding a best friend for life. Not a bad deal!

I can’t thank Claire and Isaac enough for their kindness and for the chance to capture their wedding at Aberthau Mansion, I hope they have a wonderful time relaxing together post-wedding-planning, and like a fine wine, revel in knowing how sweet they are, and how time will only make things sweeter.


2nd Photographer: Arnold Limantono
Wedding Coordinator: Emerald Events
Florist: Garden Party Flowers
Hair Artist: Poppy Hair
Venue: Aberthau Mansion
Cake Artist:  Edible Flours
Catering: Rustic Gourmet Catering
Supplier: Pederson’s Rentals