Last Saturday, I took the now familiar trip out to do a SKY Helicopter Elopement at their hangar in Pitt Meadows. I suited up with both my cameras and was introduced to the new executive pilot Craig, ready to fly us out in his full blue flight suit. The couple, Kelly and Kramer, were very easy going and friendly, ready for the quick adventure ahead. Kramer even brought a bright orange bottle of champagne to celebrate at the site!

There were many great spots to choose from, but due to some still lingering snow Craig suggested the Widgeon Creek Bed. This is a favourite spot of mine due to the flatness, shade from some of the harsh sun and general beauty of being surrounded by the deep green forest. It’s really quite a beautiful spot! Craig was also generous enough to take us on a mini tour of Pitt Lake, several waterfalls that I can’t remember the name of and some amazing viewpoints for Golden Ears Provincial Park.

It was a hot day, and once we sat down the idea came up to take off our shoes and wade into the creek. I definitely encouraged Kelly and Kramer to take dip and in a matter of seconds they were enjoying the refreshing waters of Widgeon Creek. It resulted in some of the best photos of the entire shoot! I’ve noticed this to be a bit of a trend in my work, sometimes all you need for a great photo is just need a little spark of spontaneity!

A huge thank-you to our pilot Craig and the whole team at SKY Helicopters as well as Peter La Grand from Young, Hip & Married.